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Wow, I’ve been so excited about all the feedback from readers! I seriously only thought my Mom and Dad (and close friends that are obligated by association) would read it. I love how the blogging world is such an outlet and I. I love how it unites, and encourages, sparks debate, and just enriches our lives. Ok ok, enough cheesiness.
So my husband is a Not in the ‘pants so tight it’s NOT even sexy’ way, but in the, ‘I support my wife and listen and know exactly what she needs’ kind of way. Which, ‘s hot. Right ladies? Anyhoo. Ever since I made my choices for the curriculum, I wasn’t at peace. I kept feeling like I was on the right track…but not there yet. So Levi (super rock star husband) had me list out loud the choices and my purpose for that. During this processing, he opened up his laptop (which annoyed me at first) and showed me this. Did you click on it (and notice I figured out how to add links lol)? Isn’t that amazing?! What made Levi get that for me, was I was explaining how the timelines I had found were great, and right at Ayden’s level but they weren’t…everything. Not that we are going to memorize all that, but when we are looking at it while eating dinner…we can just explore. It will help me (a visual learner) see the big picture, so Ayden can too. Someday.
THAT discovery made me realize I didn’t have a lot of material that would excite Ayden. Yes, I know that’s kind of the point with classical education…it’s Memorization first and lets be honest…we won’t always have fun doing that. But what makes Ayden’s eyes open wide is science. Seriously, we need to move back to Eugene where science and nature dominate. He loves everything science. His love for science is actually what helped me choose Latin over Greek. Someday, he’ll be very glad for his Latin background. I want Ayden to know you can love science and God. I want Ayden to see God, through science. I want to encourage his love for all things science and never accept that it has to be God or science. If he becomes a scientist, like he wants to, I want him to be a force to be reckoned with in a world where God cannot be mentioned. So I went to the Hip Homeschool Moms blog (seriously, this blog is fantastic and by far has been my best resource) and read the discussion on science. I ended up choosing the Astronomy Curriculum from Apologia. It was then I noticed Apologia had a World Views series, so the domino effect of curriculum hunting was in full effect. For my next addition to the curriculum, you have some history. When I look back on my life, and my education two things stand out to me:

1. I was never taught to critically think or apply reason. When I learned, as an adult, to do that- absolutely everything made sense and learning became fun. I couldn’t get enough of it.

2. I had heard all the Bible stories, knew the major players, but never fully understood who God is.

To give Ayden these two major gifts, from an early age, is one of my highest priorities. I would give up Latin, Math, and probably coffee (notice I said probably) to give Ayden a solid foundation of both those things. Apologetics is also high up on my priority list- but so far we can just discuss how to defend the faith in our daily lives. I know, as Ayden hears and even asks BIGGER questions, we will get into some deeper research. But for now, I decided to add the, ‘Who is God’ curriculum from Apologia. I’m beyond thrilled. I realize this could be for older kids, but the biggest thing I’ve learned during this homeschooling life is that we tend to underestimate our children. We dumb things down for them. We trick them into learning because they couldn’t possibly have the capability to understand deep things as they are. We add cartoons, simplify, and expect very little from our kids. I expect a lot from Ayden, and he’s blown me away by rising to the occasion everytime.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on- here is the revised curriculum. And I have ordered it! It’s final…for now.😉

From Memoria Press I have ordered:
Prima Latina
Intro to Composition
Copy Book 1
English Grammar
More Treasures Reading Set
Ancient World Maps

From Apologia:
Around the World in 180 Days
Who is God

Lollipop Logic:
Book 1

Writing with Ease

Bible- I’m using the Bible Road Trip here and there from blogger Danika Cooley She has some fantastic blog posts, and her free printable’s from The Bible Roadtrip is well worth your time! I like it, and when we do use it, it has sparked such great discussion! And seriously, read her blog. I’ve posted some of her blogs on my Facebook page, and the feedback is always awesome!

And for us Moms, aka teachers the best thing has been itunesU (iTunes University). I’m not going to lie, a lot of school for me as a kid was spent daydreaming about boys. And I would dream about my wedding with the prettiest flowers and my favorite local DJ, Adagio Dj.  Am I a dreamer ok?  Anyways. Sooo, I don’t remember much. I’ve been listening to an open class at Yale University about ancient history, so I can sort of look like I know my stuff. Ha. But really, if you can..use that fantastic resource!

I hope, by overindulging you through why I chose what I did helps you decide too. It’s a tedious process, but so very fun!